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Site News

4/23/6:Added Forty Thieves Solitaire.
4/22/6:Added Yukon Solitaire.
4/21/6:Added Scorpion Solitaire.
3/5/6:Added Pyramid Solitaire.
3/4/6:Added Deal With It. No need for cable now!
2/24/6:Added Sirtet! It actually uses some C code that is 16 years old.
2/11/6:The site is now hosted with a provider with some bandwidth instead of through a personal cable modem. It should be much faster now!
2/2/6:Added leader board. Go here to see all the game of the day high scores for the past week. See how you stand up to all the competition!
11/24/5:Revamped Hopeless. It now uses the Green Felt login info for High Score names. Unfortunately, the old scores are not compatible with the new system and so we had to clear them. :-( Sorry!
10/28/5:Added Golf.
10/25/5:Added Spider.
10/25/5:Added Maze.
10/23/5:Added a "Game of the day" to each card game.
10/22/5:Added user registration and per-game high score tables.
10/20/5:Added a forum.
7/3/5:Made playing cards more readable.
7/3/5:Added instructions to solitaire games.
6/26/5:Added auto-finish button to solitaire games. It moves as many cards as possible to the foundations.
6/22/5:Added restart and game numbers to solitaire games.
6/21/5:Added animated cards to solitaire games.
6/20/5:Added undo support to solitaire games.
6/19/5:Added Canfield.
6/19/5:Added Flower Garden.
6/19/5:Hopeless now works with Safari.
6/18/5:Cleaned up main page.
5/18/5:Added undo and dragging support to RiLE.
5/18/5:Added RiLE. We've seen it called Edel. In case you've never seen this great game, this page has the rules.
5/17/5:Added Hopeless (often called SameGame).
4/14/5:You can now double click a card and it will move to the best* place.
4/13/5:You can drag multiple cards in Sea Haven Towers, Freecell, and Klondike.
4/12/5:Added freecell.
4/12/5:Improved performance on the Macintosh.
4/10/5:All games work with Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 6, and Omniweb.
*The game's definition of "best" may not coincide with your own. Luckily there is an undo feature. :-)