The Greenfelt F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

Site Wide

    • How do I change my username or password?
    • You can change your username or password in the Account Settings.
    • Do I have to login?
    • No, you can play all you want without logging in. High scores are associated with login names, so you do need to login in to get one.
    • If I login after starting a game, can I still get high score for it?
    • Yes! We forget to login sometimes too, so we made it so you can login while you're playing or even after playing a few games and still get credit for them. However, if you reload the page or choose a different game then those games will be lost, so be careful.
    • Do I need to enable cookies?
    • You need them enabled to login and get high scores. If you wish to play anonymously then you do not need cookies enabled.
    • What's with the "Game #" in the high score tables and on certain game pages?
    • The game number represents a single repeatable game. For the card games, the deck will be in a particular order for each game number after being shuffled. For Sirtet, it means that if you play the same game number again you will get the exact same pieces in the same order. This lets you compete against other players on equal ground.

Solitaire Games

    • Why are there so many high scores with clearly impossible times?
    • Trick question! They're not impossible. Other than practice, one secret to fast times is taking advantate of our super moves. See the rules of any card game an explanation. After you've read the details, this forum post will walk you through getting your own fast time. Here are some videos made by our users demonstrating these remarkable times:

    • Why is my high score not showing on the leader board?
    • Only your first winning play of a particular shuffle will show up on the leader board.
    • Why are the cards moving slower than usual?
    • This is likely because you have zoomed your browser. Press Control-0, that is hold Control and press Zero. If you are using Internet Explorer then you can tell you have zoomed, by looking for a number besides 100% in the bottom right corner of your window.
    • Why isn't my score displayed after each game?
    • Your score will be displayed and highlighted in the list of 10ish scores that pops up after you win or click "Give Up". However, if you click "New Game" without clicking "Give Up" we assume you are impatient and/or are looking for a better deal and will skip showing you your score.
    • Why do I keep getting a high score and yet I'm always the only one in the list?
    • The high score table on card games only shows the high scores for that particular game number. Since there are a whole lot of games (4 billion, give or take) the odds of someone else playing the particular game you just played are very, very low. If you want to compete with people the best thing to do is go to the Leader Board and play the various "Games of the day".

      We eventually want to replace the per game high scores with a global player ranking. But we haven't exactly figured out what we should be ranking players on, so it's not done yet. If you have any opinions, let us know on the forum.
    • Why don't you rank all the games ever played and show the best in the high score table?
    • Actually, we used to do this. Because of the way we score, the table ends up with a whole lot of games with a score of 52 (for Klondike, Sea Haven Towers, Freecell, etc.) These then get ranked by time (shortest first), which just ends up encouraging people to find an easy game and play it as fast as they can.

      One solution for that might be to give harder games a higher possible score, but how to figure out which games were "harder" automatically is currently non-obvious to us.
    • Is there a key for undo?
    • Yes, the usual key on your platform should work: Control-z on Windows and Unix and Command-z on Mac OS X. Also, you can add the shift key into the sequence to get redo.
    • Isn't undo cheating?
    • Maybe, but we don't care since it makes playing so much more fun. On some games you can undo all the way back into the previous game!
    • Is there a key for auto-finish?
    • Yes. Control-a on unix and Windows and Command-a on Mac OS X.
    • Isn't auto-finish cheating?
    • Not really. It only makes the most obvious moves.
    • What happens when I click a card?
    • When you click a card the game will make the best simple move it can.
    • Why are the cards some odd colors?
    • It's likely a holiday and the cards have been festively colored in that holiday's theme. Due to popular demand, there is now a button to get the standard colors back.
    • So I hear there are secret games that don't show up in the menu. Is this true? Why do you hide them? How can I play them?
    • Yes, that is true. We read through a lot of Solitaire rule books looking for neat games to put on the site. Sometimes we find a game that sounds promising and so we write it, but after playing it we feel it's either too similar to other games or just not that fun. If you want to try them, here's a list: Note: since these games aren't our top priority, they may not work correctly. We're still interested in bug reports, though.
    • How are Scorpion, Maze, Gaps, and Addiction scored?
    • The score is based on the lengths of the runs of cards of the same suit. Here's a table that explains it:
      Number of cards in a runResulting score
      11 9
      10 7
      9 6
      8 5
      7 4
      6 3
      5 2
      4 1
      3 0
      2 0
      1 0
      The max is 13 so that a complete game's score is 52, like the foundation based games. It's not linear so that it rewards games with longer runs. We didn't want someone with a run of 6 and a run of 7 to score the same as someone with a run of 13 (since the 13 was probably harder to achieve).


    • What's with the name Sirtet?
    • It's Tetris backward. The Tetris name is trademarked, so when we wrote our first version of Tetris while we were learning C back in '91 we called it Sirtet. This version shares the game scoring system as well as the block look and code (ported to javascript of course) as our original version was only available for Amiga and Mac OS.
    • I can't seem to beat Katie. Is she cheating?
    • Not as far as we know. She used to play our original Mac version a lot while she was growing up, so she has the look and feel of Sirtet seared into her brain.


    • How do I get a high score in hopeless?
    • Play level three. The scoring is a bit biased toward that level. We are open to suggested scoring tweaks. Post a message to us in the forum if you have any ideas.