Fourteen Out

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Fourteen Out (also known as Fourteen Off, Fourteen Puzzle, or just Fourteen) is a solitaire card game played with a deck of 52 playing cards. As this game involves carrying off cards with a fixed sum, it belongs to the same family of games as Pyramid.

The cards are dealt face up into twelve columns, from left to right. The first four columns therefore receive an extra card. The exposed top cards of each column are available for play.

As denoted by the game's name, the object is to discard pairs of cards that total fourteen. Jacks value eleven, queens twelve, and kings thirteen, all others (including the ace) at face value. So the combination of cards to be discarded are as follows:

Once a card has been discarded, the card under it becomes available. The game is won when all cards are discarded.

Keyboard play

Mouse play

Super Moves

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